Our Approach

The TMG Translation Approach


TMG Translation was founded in 2009 by a group of language industry veterans who recognised an increasing need to deliver cost competitiveness without sacrificing quality. Our approach is focused on four critical areas:

Our People: If you are looking for a winning team to deliver on your translation needs, then TMG Translation can provide it. Our team have established reputations in the critical areas of production, supply chain, technology and quality management. They have the knowledge, the experience and the focus on quality to deliver on our promise of high quality at a lower cost.


Our Relationships: We are proud of our internal teams. However, we are equally proud of the relationships we have built with our external partners, all of whom have long standing relationships with our operations team. They are tried and trusted specialists in their fields with a proven track record of delivery for us and our clients. Consequently, they understand what we expect from them and deliver to that and often exceed our expectations.


Our Drive for Efficiency: The need to do more with less is ever-present and as a result our processes are designed to minimise overhead while ensuring quality. Our quality management system is rigorously enforced and understood both by our team and by our partners.


Our Performance: The markets we serve are limited to areas where our team have a strong track-record of delivery and decades of understanding. We continue to build on this, thus expanding our areas of expertise.

Our Goal is to “Set the standard for affordable, high quality, customer focused localization services”. Why not browse the rest of our site to find out more about us and the service we provide. Perhaps you might give us a call or email us an enquiry.